Why do I run for BRSSD Board Trustee?


What are the challenges our children are facing at schools? How do we teach our children about physical safety and cyber security and discuss possible ways to prevent them from being bullied? What can we do to better support our teachers?

K-8 are the most critical period for our children’s cognitive, physical, and emotional  development. It is crucial that we maintain a positive school environment so that our children never experience anything that is frightening, threatening, or potentially dangerous.

One key step is to better support our teachers. I’ve seen remarkable school staff who love the students and deliver outstanding education experience for our children. Yet, there is room for improvement in terms of school leadership and continuous professional development among school staff to ensure mistakes are not repeated again.

I have a wonderful school-age boy who gives many opportunities to participate in this amazing community.

As a community volunteer, I’m serving as a board director of my home owner association. I’ve also served a variety of volunteer roles such as chaperoning field trips, supervising classroom activities, mentoring student projects, and so on.

As a seasoned product manager, I’ve built extensive experience in product strategy, roadmap, and feature definitions. I’m currently a Sr. Director of Product Management at Oracle. As the practitioner of the design thinking, I’m passionate about solving the customer’s problems by building community, connecting experiences and shipping quality products and services.

I’d appreciate that you could give me the opportunity to serve as a board trustee – Belmont-Redwood Shores School District. Let’s work together to provide a safe and healthy learning environment for our children.

I look forward to hearing from you how we can help foster an educational environment where students and teachers thrive.


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